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Just like other multi-layer plastic, coffee bags are notoriously difficult to recycle because they use a combination of materials—but most recycling machinery is made for one specific material. Taking a new approach, our partner HydroBlox invented a way to use them, clearing the way for us to offer pickup.

Recycle coffee bags with Ridwell

Ridwell helps you save tricky plastics and so much more from landfills

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Creating a future with less waste

If every household in the US had access to recycle the tricky plastics that Ridwell members do, the future of plastic waste would look very different. 

Today, less than 1% of this material is recycled in the US—an average of 0.08 pounds per household per year. Ridwell households recycle an average of 30 pounds per year—375 times as much!—just by putting it in a Ridwell bin instead of the garbage can.


Recycle and reuse all this "trash"

By taking a new approach, we've found 200+ partners to help people recycle and reuse hundreds of materials and we're adding more all the time.


The Ridwell community is 100,000 members strong across seven states.

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With Ridwell, I'm more conscious of what's difficult to recycle and I try to avoid those products.

Karen, member since 2019

"It empowers me."

Ridwell makes it very easy to be very much less wasteful/harmful. I feel better about my citizenship on Earth.

Allan, member since 2023

"Gotta do it!"

There is so much plastic film everywhere you look! I just love that there’s a place for it to all go.

Aurora, member since 2023

"So helpful!"

Soft plastic film

Crinkly multi-layer plastic

Light bulbs, cords, and more household goods

Used clothing & shoes

Corks, pill bottles, and small odds and ends

Items for donation

Recycle coffee bags with Ridwell

Ridwell helps you save tricky plastics and so much more from landfills

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Celebrate Earth Day with Caffe Ladro and Ridwell

The ability to easily keep plastic coffee bags out of landfills is especially exciting in our coffee-loving headquarters hometown of Seattle, so we teamed up with another local company to celebrate: Caffe Ladro.

Everyone, Ridwell member or not, is invited to drop off plastic coffee bags from any brand at any of the 16 Caffe Ladro locations throughout Earth Month. We’ll pick them up and send them on to get a second life.